All in one

Definitely the easiest and at the same time the most difficult form of organizing events is the “turnkey system”

Why the easiest:

It is the easiest for you as clients, primarily because the entire service or product comes from the same partner, that is, in this way, logistics and the time spent on the realization of the project are potentially optimized. It is up to you to communicate your ideas and wishes well so that they can tailor and produce the best possible event for you.

For us as contractors, it is the simplest because it facilitates the production, management of resources and logistics, and finally the realization itself.

On the other hand, several conditions must be met so that this form is not the most difficult form of event organization, namely:

– accurate and timely communication and organization

– clearly set goals and ideas and clearly communicated instructions

– familiarity with progress, i.e. the realization of the event itself