Zagreb old town

We will guide you to explore the hidden gems of the Old town located on the hillside of the city. Our tour starts in two districts of Upper Town, Kaptol and Gradec via the Bloody bridge and its associated attractions. Then, we will take the shortest funicular which connects the Old Town and the Lower Town where we will explore Zagreb’s main square and the iconic statue of Josip Jelačić.  Afterwards, other secret places and their stories will be revealed to you by your guide. At the very end of our adventure, you will realize why Zagreb was part of one of the most famous train routes of all time, the Orient Express, during the 20th century. And so, in year 1925, a grandiose hotel, Hotel Esplanade, was built in order to acommodate the passengers of the Orient Express train. It was, without a doubt, the largest and the most exquisite hotel in Zagreb at the time, and it offered everything that an average Orient Express passenger could have wanted. Then, if you like, we will finish our journey as a real Orient Express passenger would, having a glass of wine in the city`s most iconic hotel Esplanade.